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Act Now! Bullying Prevention Staff Training Stipend Expectations

Once you have reviewed and understand the stipend expectations detailed below, complete the 2022-2023 $2,500 Act Now! Staff Training stipend application. Additionally, a school administrator will be required to sign and submit the Agreement for Funding of Act Now! Bullying Prevention Training. Only one application per school for this school year is permitted. 


  1. Participation from at least 50% of school staff to complete the Act Now! Staff Training course, including specified evaluation components, by April 3, 2023.
  2. A minimum of one class in your school must register for, and participate in, at least one Act Now! student e-learning course. A Children's Wisconsin e-learning representative will contact a staff member about implementing the student course at your school.
  3. Funds must be used to pay staff for their time completing the Act Now! Staff Training program. This time must be outside of their normal school hours.
  4. One school staff member will be named as the Staff Training school champion, who will serve as the primary contact person.
  5. Materials developed for school activities tied to bullying prevention must include Children’s Wisconsin and Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction branding or recognition (these materials may also include additional sponsors/partners). Children’s must approve such materials prior to their use.
  6. School shall submit a staff compensation payroll documentation report that details how educators were paid.
  7. School will participate in a brief phone interview with an external evaluator before April 28, 2023.

Children's Wisconsin looks forward to supporting your team by providing training and support on how to use the Act Now! resources which are offered free of charge to all Wisconsin schools.

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