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Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Prevention

It's UR Choice LogoAccording to the CDC, excessive drinking is responsible for over 4,300 deaths among underage youth each year, and youth who engage in underage drinking are more likely to experience school problems, social and legal problems, physical problems such as illnesses, and even death from alcohol poisoning. In addition, marijuana use in adolescence can result in a decline in school performance, an increased risk of mental health issues, impaired driving, and the potential for addiction. We also know that peers play a large role in the development of children and adolescents, and that sometimes, peers can have a negative influence.

Through a combination of online lessons and activities and offline classroom activites, It's UR Choice helps students in grades four through eight make smart choices when faced with the pressures of using and abusing alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, and learn how to stay drug-free. The interactive programs teach students age-appropriate facts about drugs, along with their effects on the body. Depending on the grade level, students also learn about analyzing influences, how to cope in stressful situations, how to set goals, and the difference between positive and negative risk-taking. 

For educators looking for a skills-based course with ATOD content, our all-new It's Your Choice - Analyzing Influences 7th Grade combines the skill of analyzing influences with important Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs prevention content to mimic real-life situations and offer students engaging ways to make their own powerful health decisions.

Skills Learned

It's UR Choice aligns with National and Wisconsin Health Education Standards and supports the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for School Counseling. Students will develop skills to avoid drug use, by learning (varies by grade level):

  • The different types of drugs (alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, inhalants, and prescription drugs)
  • How to tell if a risk is positive or negative
  • How to analyze outside influences
  • Ways to cope in stressful situations
  • How to resist pressures

Easy to Implement

It's UR Choice can be used as a stand-alone alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs curriculum, or as an innovative supplement to your current ATOD curriculum. Pre- and post-tests allow you to track your students' knowledge and comprehension as they move through the course. Each grade level course includes a comprehensive teacher's guide that prepares teachers and counselors to use the course in the classroom. 


Student outcomes and educator satisfaction for It's UR Choice demonstrate the positive effects the programs are having in producing positive changes in knowledge, attitude, and behavior. For more information, see the Outcomes page


92% of 6th graders could identify types of advertising used to influence risky behaviors (an increase of 25%).
Data is from the 15-16 school year.


88% of educators using It's UR Choice appreciated that the curriculum addressed different learning styles and included appropriate assessments.
Data is from the 15-16 school year. 

Our Courses

See the chart below for an at-a-glance view of all available It's UR Choice courses, along with the features of each. 

  Online activities Offline activities Teacher-delivered Self-directed Online assessment iPad compatible
It's UR Choice 4th & 5th Grade  
It's UR Choice 6th Grade  
It's Your Choice - Analyzing Influences 7th Grade  
It's UR Choice 7th & 8th Grade  



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