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Safety & Injury Prevention

Street Smarts logoAccording to the CDC, unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death to children, ages 1 to 19, in the United States, and pedestrian injuries contribute to that alarming rate. Research shows that in 2019, unintentional pedestrian injuries resulted in 7 fatal injuries and 289 non-fatal injuries weekly in this age group. Research also shows that children ages 12-19 are at 3 times greater risk of pedestrian death than younger children. As part of our commitment to keep kids healthy and safe, and to address the rates of pedestrian injury and reach children before they are in the age category most at risk, Children's Wisconsin has developed two concise and interactive e-learning mini-courses for children in grades 3 through 6 that help them develop safe pedestrian skills and become independent walkers. Through a series of engaging and fun videos, Street Smarts 3rd & 4th Grade and Street Smarts 5th & 6th Grade focus on pedestrian safety skills and are a great way to address this important topic of pedestrian safety with students. The age-appropriate curriculum is delivered via online video-based mini-lessons and classroom activities, and each includes a fun online game in which students can practice the skills they've learned. 

Children's Wisconsin would like to thank the Union Pacific Foundation for their generosity in supporting the development of the Street Smarts mini-courses.

Skills Learned

Street Smarts aligns with Standard 1 (Core Concepts) of the National Health Education Standards, and teaches third through sixth grade students (depending on the grade level):

  • How to identify what a pedestrian is
  • How to safely cross the street
  • Why it's important to cross streets with an adult until at least the age of 10
  • How to identify what a crosswalk is
  • How traffic signals make it safer for pedestrians to cross a street safely
  • Why you should walk, not run, when crossing a street
  • How to choose the safest route
  • How to use caution around driveways and alleys
  • Why it's important to role model correct pedestrian safety behaviors for younger children
  • How to identify two ways to not be distracted when crossing the street
  • How to use caution around trains and railroad tracks

Easy to Implement

Street Smarts can be used as a stand-alone pedestrian safety course or to supplement other pedestrian safety activities being used. A comprehensive teacher's guide is included for each grade level course that prepares teachers to use the course in their classrooms. 

Our Courses

See the chart below for an at-a-glance view of the available Street Smarts courses, along with the features of each. 

  Online activities Offline activities Teacher-delivered Self-directed Online assessment iPad compatible
Street Smarts 3rd & 4th Grade    
Street Smarts 4th & 5th Grade    



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