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Course Topics

Bullying Prevention

Act Now! logoAct Now! is a continuum of bullying prevention e-learning courses for K-12th grade students, school staff, and parents. Through online lessons and activities, and offline classroom activities, students learn the grade-appropriate skills they need to prevent and stop bullying, as well as how to differentiate between bullying and conflict.

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Alcohol, Tobacco, & Other Drugs Prevention

It's UR Choice logoIt's UR Choice is a series of engaging e-learning programs for students in grades 4-8. Through online lessons and activities, and offline classroom activities, It's UR Choice helps students make smart choices when faced with the pressures of using and abusing alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

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Nutrition & Physical Activity

Mission: Health logoStart your students on the road to a healthy lifestyle with Mission: Health, a series of interactive e-learning programs for grades K-8. Students will learn how to establish healthy habits, increase physical activity, and avoid childhood obesity. Through online lessons and activities, and offline classroom activities, students learn how to eat right, stay fit, and feel good about their bodies.

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Safety Ranger Academy logoReturn to Learn is a professional development course designed for educators to help get students safely back into the classroom and academics after they have sustained a concussion, without making symptoms worse. 

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Mental & Emotional Health

Safety Ranger Academy logoHealthy Minds is the newest track of e-learning health education courses.  Healthy Minds 3rd Grade, Healthy Minds 4th Grade, and Healthy Minds 5th Grade are part of what will be a continuum of interactive courses for students in grades K-8 focusing on what it means to be mentally and emotionally healthy, and what skills students can use to help them lead healthy lives. Depending on the grade level as they are developed, the courses will address feelings and emotions and how to deal with them, empathy and compassion, stress, healthy relationships, common mental health disorders and concerns, and how to get help when needed. 

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Safety & Injury Prevention

Street Smarts logoAccording to the CDC, unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death to children ages 1 to 19 in the United States.  Pedestrian injuries contribute to this rate. Research shows that in 2019, unintentional pedestrian injuries resulted in 7 fatal injuries and 289 non-fatal injuries weekly in children ages 0-19.  Research also shows that children ages 12–19 are at 3 times greater risk of pedestrian death than younger children.  To address the rates of pedestrian injury and to reach children before they are in the age category that is most at risk, Street Smarts mini-courses were developed to reach children in grades 3 through 6, and help them develop safe pedestrian skills and become independent walkers.  

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