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Act Now! Cyberbullying 9th - 12th Grade

Act Now! logoIn this new mini-course, our first e-learning course for grades 9-12, students will learn what cyberbullying is and the impact it can have on everyone involved, from the person being bullied, to the bystanders witnessing it, and the person doing the bullying. As they navigate the course independently, they will also learn the important steps to take if they are being cyberbullied, and what they can do to stop cyberbullying as a bystander. Additionally, they will learn what social media companies are doing to prevent and stop it, as well as some positive ways social media can be used. Students can explore short activities and videos that present accurate, up-to-date information using a variety of instructional materials. Concepts are reinforced with a fun online game and offline activities provided in the teacher's guide. There is also a pre- and post-test to assess students' knowledge gained. 

Delivery Method

In this self-directed course, the delivery method is blended, utilizing a combination of online lessons and activities, and offline classroom activities. 

Target Course Length

The target course length is approximately 2-3 hours, including online time, and offline time for classroom activities. 


After completing Act Now! Cyberbullying 9th-12th Grade in its entirety, students will be able to:

  • Define cyberbullying.
  • Identify the effects of cyberbullying on the one being bullied, the bystanders, and the one who is bullying.
  • Explain the four steps to take if they are being cyberbullied, or know someone who is being cyberbullied.
  • Explain what social media sites do to prevent and/or stop cyberbullying.
  • Identify two positive ways to use social media. 
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