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Mission: Health 3rd Grade

Mission Health logoSet in outer space, this self-directed course helps third graders learn about wellness and obesity prevention by following four main characters who are on a quest to learn more about eating right and doing the right kinds of physical activity. Students learn to think critically about food decisions as they shop for healthy meals and snacks and discover how to find their pulse when being physically active. This course is comprised of a blend of six mini-lessons, engaging videos, educational games, and offline activities that give students the opportunity to practice the skills they have learned. Pre- and post-tests assess your students' knowledge of bullying before and after taking the course.

Delivery Method

In this self-directed course, the delivery method is blended, utilizing a combination of online lessons and activities, and offline classroom activities.

Target Course Length

The target course length is approximately 5-1/2 hours, including online time, and offline time for classroom activities.


After completing Mission: Health 3rd Grade, students will be able to:

  • Describe at least three healthy behaviors they can do each day.
  • Describe why it is important to eat a variety of healthy foods each day.
  • Identify the basic food groups, and give two examples from each group.
  • Describe the feeling of being hungry.
  • List three benefits of physical activity.
  • Name three physical activities they could do with their family or friends.
  • Compare various dimensions of health.
  • Identify two valid sources of health information.
  • Show where the amount of sugar in a food or drink is listed on nutrition facts labels.
  • Choose a clear and realistic personal health goal.
  • Develop a plan for reaching the goal.
  • Identify resources to assist in achieving a personal health goal.
  • Track program toward goal achievement.
  • Demonstrate health-enhancing behaviors, such as participating in physical activity, eating healthy foods, and getting proper rest.
  • Demonstrate the ability to select healthier foods from a fast food menu.

Sample Activity

Bullying Lesson

Grocery Galaxy

Students put their nutrition knowledge to the test in this grocery-shopping simulation, challenging them to create healthy meals and snacks in preparation for a space voyage.

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