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It's UR Choice 7th & 8th Grade

Its UR Choice logoSeventh and eighth grade students navigate through a virtual town where they learn important drug-related and prevention concepts as they make choices and see the consequences while they try to solve a mystery. Along the way, they explore the effects of marijuana, tobacco, alcohol, inhalants, and over-the-counter and prescription drugs. To engage the students, a variety of instructional methods are used, including short online lessons, videos, classroom activities, and educational games that give them the opportunity to practice the skills they have learned.

Delivery Method

In this self-directed course, the delivery method is blended, utilizing a combination of online lessons and activities, and offline classroom activities.

Target Course Length

The target course length is approximately 6-8 hours, including online time and offline time for classroom activities, dependent on class presentation total time.


After completing It’s UR Choice 7th & 8th Grade, in its entirety, students will be able to:

  • Select the correct definition of the term “drug”.
  • Identify common drugs found inside and outside your environment.
  • Identify characteristics of each of the following: alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, inhalants, over-the-counter and prescription drugs.
  • Identify nicknames for drugs.
  • Given a diagram of the human body, identify how drugs move through the body and are eliminated.
  • Identify the ways drugs can enter the body.
  • Identify the way drugs affect the body.
  • Identify items that cause the effect of a drug to vary.
  • Distinguish between experimentation, abuse, and addiction.
  • Match the terms experimentation, abuse, and addiction with their correct definitions.
  • Determine if a person is experimenting with, abusing, or addicted to drugs.
  • Identify goals as either short-term or long-term.
  • Identify the correct definitions for "short-term goal" and "long-term goal".
  • Determine if a person is under the influence of drugs by identifying physical characteristics a person or their body is displaying.
  • Identify physical effects of a drug on a person’s body.
  • Identify physical signs a person has been using drugs.
  • Identify myths about particular drugs.
  • Given a scenario, identify reasons a person either chose to do or not do drugs.
  • Identify reasons people use drugs.
  • Identify reasons people do not use drugs.
  • Select a healthy alternative to drug use.
  • Identify why positive alternatives to drugs made them feel good.

Sample Activity

Welcome to Westport

Welcome to Westport

This activity introduces students to Westport, the setting for It's UR Choice. Here, students learn about Westport and receive their overall goal for the course – to save a friend whose drug use may put him or her in danger.


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