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Healthy Minds 1st Grade is now available!

March 17, 2023

Healthy Minds 1st Grade, the newest in our series of engaging mental and emotional health e-learning courses for K-8th grade students, is now available for teachers and counselors to use in classrooms. The Healthy Minds series focuses on mental and emotional health education and raising awareness among students, and provides an engaging look at what makes a healthy mind, while introducing the skills needed to help students lead healthy lives. 

In this age-appropriate first grade course, designed to be teacher or counselor-led with the use of a SMART board, students will learn all about feelings and emotions, how to manage them, and how to show care and concern for others.  They will also learn about what makes a healthy relationship, how to recognize healthy physical and emotional behaviors, and how to practice active listening skills. Finally, the importance of going to a trusted adult is discussed, including how they can help students achieve a positive mental and emotional health goal. 

All course content presents accurate, up-to-date information using a variety of instructional materials to engage your students, including fun, animated characters, a song, and two fun games to reinforce what they've learned. Many concepts are expanded with offline classroom and/or take-home activities, and a comprehensive teacher's guide is included to help prepare you to administer the course successfully. 

The program aligns with National Health Education Standards and Wisconsin State Health Education Standards and is an innovative way to include the vital topic of mental and emotional health in your lesson plans. Read the course objectives and more about using Healthy Minds with your first grade students on the Healthy Minds 1st Grade page. Visit the Enroll page today to register. For additional information, or if you have questions about registering, please visit Contact Us


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