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Mission: Health 6th - 8th Grade

Mission Health logoThis sixth through eighth grade course focuses on three important wellness topics: nutrition, physical activity, and body image. Students learn to critically analyze food labels, set a health related goal, and understand the influence peers and the media have on choices they make. Content is delivered in a variety of formats, including short online lessons, engaging videos, and educational games that give students the opportunity to practice the skills they have learned.

Delivery Method

The delivery method is blended, utilizing a combination of online lessons and activities, and offline classroom activities.

Target Course Length

The target course length is approximately 3-3/4 hours, including online time, and offline time for classroom activities.


After completing Mission: Health 6th - 8th Grade, students will be able to:

  • Choose the less processed food given two foods from the same food group.
  • Choose the drink with less sugar given drink choices.
  • Categorize foods into the correct food groups on MyPlate.
  • Compare two nutrition facts labels from two different grain foods and explain which food is healthier and why.
  • Set a health-related goal and monitor it using a simple chart.
  • Identify two physical activities that they enjoy and indicate which category of physical activity they are part of.
  • State the benefits of different types of physical activity (strengthening, aerobic, stretching) and develop a physical activity plan for a middle school student that would result in the development of a well rounded physical activity routine.
  • Create a plan to include 60 minutes of physical activity each day and track and monitor the plan.
  • Identify examples of how peers and media influence daily choices and create 3-5 positive health-related messages that would resonate with middle school age students.
  • Differentiate between factors affecting body size and body image that can be controlled, and those that cannot be controlled, and describe how that might affect middle school students’ social and emotional well-being.

Sample Activity

Bullying Lesson

Some Body!

Students try their hand at analyzing some Mission: Health characters’ perceptions of themselves while learning the importance of a positive body image.

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