"Children who eat well and exercise more come to school better prepared to learn. That’s why we are determined to help kids live healthier."
Bridget Clementi, Executive Director Community Health and Education, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
A trusted partner for children's health

With Children's Hospital of Wisconsin as your health education resource, you get much more than an effective e-learning curriculum; you gain a trusted partner in the effort to keep kids healthy.

Why choose Children's Hospital of Wisconsin's e-learning programs?

  • When kids are healthy and safe they learn more.
  • It's a cool and relevant way for students to learn with technology.
  • Programs are developed in collaboration with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and align with National Health Education Standards.
  • Research proves our programs are effective in producing positive changes in knowledge, attitude and behavior.
  • Children's Hospital offers e-learning programs as part of our commitment to improving the health status of all children.